By Linda Clemons
CEO, Sisterpreneur &
Body Language Expert 

Approximately 80 percent of communication is expressed nonverbally.  Learning to know how to unlock and tap the secrets of people's nonverbal cues will always have an advantage in any situation. Armed with this powerful information, CIOs at any stage of their career will be able to sit in a business meeting and know what others—colleagues, peers, senior leaders and bosses--are really thinking and feeling. In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of the art and science behind the silent language of leaders so they will know the perfect time to close a deal or negotiation. Attendees will also gain an understanding of how their body language is influencing others and how it may impact a promotion or career advancement. Mastering the silent language of leaders will result in power, presence and persuasion for any IT leader. In this interactive session, attendees will discover: 

  • The most powerful behaviors that reveal confidence and true sentiments 
  • How the subconscious limbic system drives all body language 
  • What the face truly reveals and why it’s the least likely place to assess a person's true feelings 
  • What an individual’s feet and handshake reveal about moods and motives 
  • What people in leadership should never do with their hands during critical presentations and negotiations 
  • How to speed read a room 
  • Spot the signs of deception 
  • How to become a people magnet 




Source: MES Spring 2021 Event 

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